Friday, January 18, 2013

all the way to jersey and back

The title of this tape is a reference to my affection for the Law & Order character Mike Logan and his romantic prowess.  In a 1991 episode, Logan and his partner have this exchange:

Logan:  "Hey, summer of ’82, I hacked part-time to pay tuition. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I’d get lonely, I’d park my cab in front of Janey Meyer’s house, leave the meter running, go inside, take care of business, pay the fare myself."
Cerreta:   "Which would amount to what, about $2, $3?"
Logan:   "Like going to Jersey and back!"

When I opened up the cassette box, I laughed to see that Side A is labeled New York -> Start the Meter and that Side B is labeled New Jersey -> (To hell with the real world, let's go to Paramus!).  I'm pretty sure that part in the parenthesis is a quote from The State.  (I'd have to check with the tape creator to be sure - Yvette, how does your memory serve?)  

baby i love you - natalie merchant - 1995
honeybee - tom petty - 1994
cabin down below - tom petty - 1994
natural one - the folk implosion - 1995
i love a man in a uniform - gang of four - 1982
it's a free world, baby - r.e.m. - 1993
creep - radiohead - 1992
pale blue eyes - velvet underground - 1969
let's dance - david bowie - 1983
god - tori amos - 1994
you got it - bonnie raitt - 1995
i'm sorry (baby can i hold you) - tracy chapman - 1988

detroit rock city - mighty mighty bosstones - 1994
one night in bangkok - murray head - 1984
major tom (coming home) - peter schilling - 1983
and we danced - the hooters - 1985
cum on feel the noise - quiet riot - 1983
your love - the outfield - 1986
ain't no mt. high enough - diana ross - 1970
into the mystic - van morrison - 1970
valotte - julian lennon - 1984
6'1" - liz phair - 1993
poison - alice cooper - 1989
honey don't think - grant lee buffalo - 1995
*secret bonus song* somethin' else - sid vicious - 1979

One of the most distinct memories I have of this mix centers around my senior year of college, and blaring Creep out of my stereo in the dorm.  No doubt on purpose, to annoy the hell out of my hall-mates; by that point I had grown tired of my conservative religious school and was acting out fairly regularly.  The only saving grace there was that my roommate went home every weekend or else she may have smothered me in my sleep. 

One day one of the younger girls, Alison, came by and asked to dub that song, so a good deed was done, I guess.  If you can count sharing Radiohead as a good deed.  Considering the biggest hit on our hall that year was Boot Scootin' Boogie, I would.  Alison's roommate, Mary, went through a blaring phase of her own that year, only with Barbara Streisand.  I clearly remember one afternoon, Alison stepping onto the hall and shouting "Christ Mary! It's like she LIVES with us."  I don't know about you, but I'd choose Thom Yorke over Brooks & Dunn or Babs, to this day. 

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