Sunday, January 6, 2013

R.E.M. - Bigger Than God

For as long as I've known her, REM has been my best friend's favorite band.  As we progress through the tapes in this collection, it will become obvious that my taste has historically leaned more classic rock, and hers more alternative.  I admit I knew who REM were.  But I can't say that I was a fan.

I remember her telling me that one of the things she'd never forgive her mother for was not letting her attend the REM Green tour, under the claim that she was too young.  (That would have been 1988, so early teens.  I'm not a parent, you make that call.)  I also remember her being horrified at my lack of REM knowledge (my favorite band then, and still in my top five, was Queen), hence this mix.  She converted me.  The tape is dated fall of 1992, freshman year of college.  Early on in what would become four years of back and forth mailing of musical mixes.  

Eventually REM toured again.  We went together and saw the Monster tour (sadly Bill Berry's last) at what was then Starlake.  We even shelled out for seats instead of sitting on the lawn.  Seeing them live was astounding.  Stipe is one of the most charismatic showmen I've ever seen.  I remember leaning over to her at one point and shouting "I'd drink his kool-aid!!!"  They've toured a few times since then, we've gone together (dragging along husbands) as often as we can.  It's funny to think that all of those memories started with this tape.  

Wolves, Lower (Chronic Town - 1982)

Radio Free Europe (Murmur - 1983)
Moral Kiosk (Murmur - 1983)
Perfect Circle (Murmur - 1983)
So. Central Rain (Reckoning - 1984)
Feeling Gravity's Pull (Fables of the Reconstruction - 1985)
Can't Get There From Here (Fables of the Reconstruction - 1985)
Swan Swan H (Lifes Rich Pageant - 1986)
Begin the Begin (Lifes Rich Pageant - 1986)

I Believe (Lifes Rich Pageant - 1986)
Crazy (Dead Letter Office - 1987)

Burning Hell (Dead Letter Office - 1987)

Pale Blue Eyes (Dead Letter Office - 1987)
King of the Road (Dead Letter Office - 1987)
Exhuming McCarthy (Document - 1987)

Pop Song '89 (Green - 1988)
Get Up (Green - 1988)
Orange Crush (Green - 1988)
Turn You Inside Out (Green - 1988)
Half a World Away (Out of Time - 1991)
Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (Automatic for the People - 1992)
Everybody Hurts (Automatic for the People - 1992)
Ignoreland (Automatic for the People - 1992)
II (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (B-side, Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight - 1992)


  1. U kno the more u think back on it, the more i think we've been at at least 2 of the same concerts a solid 20 to 25 years before we actually met. Pittsburgh is a huge small town.

    1. In an even more "Pittsburgh is a small town" moment, the Alison mentioned in my Creep post used to work in your department at HQ.